When is friendship day celebrated

When is Friendship Day Celebrated and Why it is celebrated?

30th July was determined as the official International Friendship Day by the United Nations General Assembly. But countries like India, UAE, Bangladesh, and Malaysia celebrate the day on the first Sunday of every August. Pakistan celebrates Friendship Day on 19th July.

While the general celebrations may more or less be the same, Friendship Day dates differ in various parts of the world.

When is friendship day in India 2021?

In India friendship day is celebrated on first Sunday of every August, So this year it is on August 1st 2021.

As we know the friendship day date 2021 let us know why do we celebrate friendship day.

Why is friendship day celebrated?

It is a day to hold best friends close, shower them with love, and do something special for them. There is no better day than this to let them know how amazing they are and how much you value their companionship.

Now we already know that Friendship Day is a day to celebrate friends.

But how and where did Friendship Day begin?

Why do we celebrate friendship day

Well, also called Friend’s Day or International Friendship Day, it was first proposed in Paraguay in the year 1958. However, there are many folks who credit the United States with originating the day to honor friends as early as 1935. But many argue that it goes back as far as 1919.

Either way, while nothing much happened after that, it began to be gradually promoted by social media networks in countries like India, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. Mobile applications have played a crucial role in popularising Friendship Day globally.

Gifts, friendship bands, flowers, candy, and all sorts of exciting Friendship Day gifts are exchanged around the world on this day.

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