Gift Ideas for Friendship Day

Unique Gift Ideas for Friendship Day to Cherish Your Timeless Bond!

Sometimes, the best gift you can give someone is your friendship.

Life isn’t complete unless you have a bunch of like-minded (or polar opposite!) people pushing you to grow.

So, we bring you the best Friendship Day gift ideas to make this day incredibly memorable for them! This is especially helpful for those who have no clue how to buy gifts for friends.

Should you get them what you got them last year? Should you ask what they’d like to have? Should you just buy a beautiful bouquet and a box of delicious chocolates? 


Those can be some terrifying questions for most people to answer. Deciding what to buy for your moody best friend who already seems to have everything he or she needs can be a bit of a bummer. 

Know: When is Friendship Day Celebrated and why is it celebrated?

Thankfully, we have a comprehensive list of some of the most amazing Friendship Day gift ideas. You can buy one or a couple of these unique gifts for your friends and make them feel special.

Best Friendship Day Gift Ideas 

True friends are one in a million. Yes, they are that hard to find! So, when you come across someone who makes you smile like you’ve never done before, it’s wise to hold on to that dear friendship.

Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday or just another day of the year, you can always get them something special to brighten their day.

Here are some truly exceptional gift ideas for Friendship Day.

1. Flowers 

Flowers are among the truest ways to tell someone you love them.

You can gift them to loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and pretty much every occasion under the sun.

And you cannot go wrong with any kind! You can choose from a variety of flowers from roses and lilies to petunias and orchids.

One of the best Friendship Day gift ideas is to hand your friends a bouquet of their favorite flowers.

2. Custom-made coffee Mugs

There’s nothing like drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee from a mug custom-made especially for you.

You can invest in a set (or pair) or friends’ mugs that your bestie and you can both use.

Even if your friend doesn’t like hot beverages, they can use the mug as a pencil or pen holder. Isn’t this among the best gift ideas for Friendship Day!

3. Satin pajama set

A silky smooth satin pajama set is one of the most amazing and luxurious Friendship Day gift ideas.

If your friend loves wearing apparel like these, there is no better gift idea than this! You can choose from various colors, interesting patterns, and unique designs.

To make things more exciting, you can get a pair of the same kind of pajamas but in different colors, so that you each have a set to wear.

4. Monthly wine subscription

This is among the coolest Friendship Day gift ideas for folks with friends who enjoy drinks.

A wine subscription will allow them to taste a variety of mouthwatering and delicious wine at their leisure.

There are varieties of subscriptions to pick from. You can get a subscription that delivers wine to their home, or you can get one that allows them to take a tour of a popular winery.

If you get a pass that permits one person to accompany them on a tour, you could tag along as well!

5. Back and neck massager

Many of us are working our backs off on a daily basis – whether from home or at the office.

One of the most useful gift ideas for Friendship Day is to get your buddy a back and neck massager.

This can alleviate the stress knots and stiffness resulting from sitting for too long.

You can get the portable kind that they can use in their cars as well for a more comfortable drive.

6. Clutch wallet

If you have countless clutch wallets at home, you are not alone. Women simply cannot have too many of these.

You can get your girl bestie a shimmering one with sequin work on it, so that it goes well with practically any outfit.

Or, if you’re getting her a dress, you can pick a clutch wallet that matches its color and design. It’s among the most stunning Friendship Day gift ideas ever.

7. Aromatic perfumes

There are those who simply cannot stand perfumes. And then there are those who cannot have enough of them!

If you have friends that fall into the second category, an aromatic perfume set is among the best Friendship’s Day gifts you can give them.

To add to the gift, you can include some aromatic bath oils they can use to have a magnificently relaxing time in the bathtub.

8. Their favorite book

Admit it, you have a friend that is a complete bookworm. We all do! There is always that one person in a gang that would pick going to the library over bunking a class to catch a movie. And there’s nothing wrong with that either!

The world needs thinkers and academicians too. So, this Friendship Day, get your book-loving friend a piece of literary art they’ve been looking to buy for a long time.

It will be among the most special Friendship’s Day gifts you will ever give them.

Unique Friendship Day Gift Ideas, Handmade

Friends are more precious than diamonds to those who know their true worth. They cannot be compared to anything at all in life. If you have a friend you value and love this much, giving them a gift you made yourself will make the act more special. Adding a couple of best Friendship quotes on the gift box will brighten it to no end!

Here are some incredible and unique Friendship Day gift ideas handmade! You can try making some or as many of these touching Friendship Day gifts as you can.

1. A friendship scrapbook 

A friendship scrapbook is perhaps the most fun of all Friendship Day gift ideas ever!

You don’t even need a new book to make a scrapbook. Just pick an old one and start sticking pictures of the two of you together.

You can add touching lines of love throughout the pages to add an element of emotion to the memories you share.

If possible, leave a few empty spaces where your best friend can jot down thoughts of their own.

2. Messages in a bottle

One of the most fantastic Friendship Day gift ideas handmade is to fill a glass jar with innumerable loving messages.

It’s very simple to make too. All you need is a clean, stylish glass jar, bits of colorful paper, a sparkling pen, a ribbon and some glitter.

Write down your favorite memories, things you love about your friend, and other heart touching messages for them on the paper. Fill the entire jar with these incredible pieces of love!

You can make the gift more interesting by creating beautiful art all over the glass jar.

3. Bake a cake!

A lot of us have friends with a sweet tooth. They are the most fun loving and easiest ones to hang out with. What could be a better Friendship Day gift for them than a delicious homemade cake?

Even if you don’t know how to bake, there are videos online you can follow. It’s a simple enough process.

And don’t worry if the cake doesn’t come out perfect. Just the thought and your effort will do most of the trick. Your friend will love you even more for such a special, innately personal gesture!

4. Friendship bands

Even kids can make these! Friendship Day bands never go out of style.

They have been around since your friends and you were a bunch of kids and will, perhaps, be around when we have kids of your own.

You can make colorful ones with a variety of materials at your disposal.

You can also add names to the band and make them extra-special.

This will be among the most touching Friendship Day gift ideas as it can make your entire gang terribly nostalgic.

5. A memory book

Also among interesting Friendship Day gift ideas handmade-wise, a memory book is not the same as a scrapbook.

It is, like the name suggests, a book that contains memories you share with your closest buddies.

If you have a large group of friends, you can have one boom with each page dedicated to a friend and write down your favorite memories with them. Or, you could buy them separate books, so they can each keep theirs at home.

6. Handmade card

Do you remember the time you were in school and made cards for all your loved ones?

It is a timeless, precious tradition that one must keep alive at all costs. Nothing says you love your friend more than a handmade card!

You can draw pictures reminiscing your childhood or the day you met. You can scribble words of love and loyalty, to let them know how invaluable they are to you.

This is truly among the best and most fabulous gift ideas for Friendship Day.

7. Photo calendar 

Now, this one can take a bit of effort. But it will be well worth it.

If you aren’t into designing yourself, you can hire the services of a professional to make a custom-designed photo calendar for you friend.

Each month can have a different picture of the two of you together, with (or without, the choice is yours) a special message by it.

You can use old and new pictures both for this incredible Friend’s Day gift for your bestie.

8. Personalized bookmarks

You don’t need to go to a professional to make personalized bookmarks.

All you need are some awesome pictures, collages, and other stunning art, along with a printer.

You can make these customized bookmarks for your friends who love reading. You can also give it to other friends to use in their college or school textbooks.

They come in handy while reading magazines, novels, and a wide range of literary material.

9. Photo collage

If you have an unbelievably vast collection of pictures with your besties, the smartest thing to do with them is to make a friendship collage.

It is among the most interesting and visually appealing Friendship Day gifts made with hands.

You can get a sturdy, stunning chart paper and some sticky tape or glue to stick the pictures on it.

You can also use a marker or colored sketch pens to write meaningful friendship messages or draw along the empty spaces.

Friendship Quotes on your gifts

Amazing Friendship Day Gifts for Girls

There is no mountain you cannot climb if you have your girl gang beside you. Each of your girlfriends is special and adds value to your life in her own unique way.

They help you through the rough, emotionally turbulent times, and are right by your side when you are celebrating life’s biggest successes. 

These friendships become all the more special if they happen to be your childhood buddies. There is no greater joy than to grow up with like-minded individuals and form relationships that will last a lifetime. 

It is vital to cherish bonds like these that have come through the test of time.

1. Soul sister bracelet

Soul sister bracelets are open declarations of how much you love and value your girl bestie.

Not only are they immensely meaningful, but they also add an element of style to outfits.

You can go a step further and get a pair of these amazing sister bracelets so that your bestie and you can wear it on your night out together. 

2. Friendship necklaces

One of the most beautiful Friendship Day gift ideas is to get your best friend a friendship necklace.

There are necklaces with the word “Friendship” on them that look simply stunning on the neck.

You can also have a necklace custom-made to include your friend’s name. That is sure to make the gift a lot more special.

3. Trinket dish

Have you got a friend that seems to be complaining all the time about how she cannot find her precious jewelry and other trinkets?

Well, if the answer is yes, then this is among the most reasonable Friendship Day gifts for girls.

You can get her a delicate dish that can house all her trinkets, ensuring they never get misplaced. She can also use the dish to keep her car or house keys.

4. Malicious woman zodiac candle

You can get this special, custom-made candle for your friends who love everything about their zodiac sign.

The candle is beautiful to look at and the outside has a special message about the particular sign.

The gift is all the more amazing if you happen to share the same zodiac sign as your friends! You can then have the same candle each!

5. Soul sisters pillow

Girl friends are siblings we choose. Get your amazing bestie a soul sister pillow engraved with a touching message.

In fact, you can get her a bunch of these awesome pillows instead of just one.

These have special messages about sister best friends engraved along with adorable artwork on them.

Your bestie can decorate her room or any other part of the house with these gorgeous pillows.

6. Custom-made name earrings

Girls can never truly get enough of unique and offbeat jewelry.

One of the best Friendship day gift ideas is to get your girl buddy a pair of custom-made earrings that spell out her name.

It will make her stand out in a crowd and add a stylish element to her outfit. You can also get the same done with a necklace.

7. Personalized soft toys

Grown up girls owning a bunch of teddy bears and other soft toys have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.

It’s a perfectly normal thing to love soft toys, regardless of one’s age. That’s what makes them such amazing Friendship day gift ideas.

You can personalize a bunch of soft toys with names, designs or even pictures of your friend.

Choose from adorable pandas, beautiful giraffes, cute elephants, and other awesome animal soft toys.

8. Glow jars

Glow jars are among the most vibrant Friendship Day gifts for girls. They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, effectively brightening up any room in the house.

It’s an especially great idea to get a couple of these amazing jars for your bestie if she is afraid of sleeping in the dark.

They can be placed on window sills, study tables, or even shelves on the wall. They add a unique glow to the room, emitting a calm and peaceful vibe.

Unbeatable Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Never underestimate the power of a hug from your best friend.

Best friends are siblings we pick for ourselves. They are so much more valuable if you happen to be an only child.

They can light up an entire room with the amount of love and care in them. All they ask in return for their unending devotion is loyalty and love from your end as well.

While it goes without saying that they have that from you, giving them something special on Friendship Day is also a fantastic idea.

Take a quick peek at the list below of some amazing Friendship Day gift ideas for your best friend.

1. Long distance touch bracelet

This is perhaps the most unique of all Friendship day gift ideas.

Get your best friend and yourself a pair of long distance touch bracelets to stay connected even if one of you moves away to another city.

How do they work? Well, as long as you leave the app running in the background, your partner will feel it if you touch the bracelet.

There will be a slight vibration on your bestie’s wrist, letting them know you are thinking of them.

2. Digital photo frame

Digital frames are a great way to look at pictures of your best friend and you together.

They are also awesome Friendship day gift ideas for best friend. You can select which pictures you want, put them in a flash drive, and connect it to the photo frame.

Then gift wrap the frame in glittering paper, give it to your bestie, and watch their eyes light up when they open it!

3. Photo frame key ring

One of the most useful gifts to buy your friend this Friendship Day is a photo frame key ring.

You can select from a wide variety of key rings that come in all possible shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

There are rings that have two frames, so you can put in two pictures instead of one. You can buy a heart-shaped one for your best friend and partner.

4. Champagne tumblers

Buy one, two, or a whole set! Champagne tumblers are among the most creative Friendship day gift ideas for best friends.

You can use them when you’re partying together and raise a fantastic toast to your friendship.

There are stunning colors and designs to choose from. You can also ask around in a couple of stores as they customize them. This way, you can have names of the whole gang engraved, one on each glass!

5. Makeup case

If your girl buddy loves makeup, the best Friendship Day gift to get her is a makeup case.

Buy her one of the absolutely gigantic ones with scores of lipstick shades, an extensive eye shadow palette, varied shades of rouge, foundation, concealer, makeup brushes, and whatnot!

Ensure the case is a sturdy, portable one so she can take it along while traveling as well.

6. Custom portrait

Who doesn’t love a great picture! But to have one custom-made is altogether more special.

You can have a picture of your friend and you hand painted or digitally customized into a portrait.

Also, you can have it framed with wood to add to its magnificence. You can also consider making a custom-made collage portrait, instead of just a single photo. 

7. Bar essentials

If you have friends who love their weekend drink, a well-stocked bar is among the best things to gift them this year.

It’s among the best Friendship day gift ideas for those who aren’t running on a tight budget, as bar essentials don’t come cheap.

You can get stylish wine glasses or beer mugs and a couple of your friend’s favorite drinks to begin with.

Also, there are at-home bar sets you can consider as an interesting alternative.

Heart touching Friendship Day Gifts for Boyfriend

Who says you cannot get a Friendship Day gift for your boyfriend? Ladies, your man is your best friend too and not just your gal-pals.

You can talk about anything with the right guy and he will listen to you without an ounce of judgement whatsoever.

Next to your mom, he is your sole confidante. Shouldn’t you then, at least, let him know how much you value his partnership?

So, put aside your reservations and check out the following list of amazing ideas for the best and most romantic Friendship Day gifts for boyfriend!

1. Still together spoon

This is just one of the many lovable messages engraved on a spoon you can give your loved one.

It’s among the most romantic Friendship day gifts for boyfriend this year.

Popular choices include “still having coffee together” and “having coffee together forever” among others. You can get a set or a pair so that you can both use them together.

2. I wrote a book about you

Haven’t heard about it? Well, it is a fairly new idea but a fantastic one nonetheless.

I wrote a book about you is a diary or a book that you fill and give to a loved one.

It’s one of the most touching Friendship day gift ideas for boyfriends.

You can write adorable love notes, your favorite memories together, and a whole bunch of mushy stuff to show him how much he means to you.

3. Weighted blanket

Whether or not your boyfriend has sleeping trouble, he will sleep a whole lot more blissfully covered in one of these.

A weighted blanket is one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for Friendship Day.

It uses deep-pressure stimulation that reduces stress and boosts sleep quality.

It helps users to sleep better, be rested more, and have plenty of energy for the day ahead.

4. Throw pillows

Vibrant throw pillows can make any room brighter, uber stylish, and more comfortable.

They go well with all types of furniture and can be rearranged any which way possible. One can even go to sleep surrounded by a couple of these comfy pillows.

They are truly among the most splendid Friendship day gift ideas.

Get a bunch of these amazing, colorful throw pillows to show them how much you value their presence in your life.

5. Personalized cushion covers

When you’ve got throw pillows, can cushion covers stay far behind! This is one of the best Friendship day gifts for boyfriends.

You can take fabulous pictures of you both together, and have them printed on cushion covers.

Everytime he looks at the covers, it will remind him of your love. He will definitely reminisce about the timeline each photo represents, making him joyful to no end.

6. Chocolates

Everybody loves chocolates. Well, most of us anyway. It is such a versatile delicacy, coming in a myriad of flavors and textures.

Getting your boyfriend a box of delicious chocolates is among the most romantic Friendship day gifts.

You can share the box together while picnicking under a massive tree, surrounded by lush greenery, and enjoying breathtaking sights.

7. Homemade door mat

Well, this might sound a bit offbeat, but it is among the most creative Friendship day gift ideas ever!

This is an especially awesome idea if your boyfriend happens to love art and all things hand-made.

You can knit one together using colorful coir, stalks, nylon, or fibers. To make the design more interesting, you can add witty messages on it.

It’s a great way to not just add a touch of style to your boyfriend’s home, but also to show off your artistic skills.

Closing words

Friendship Day gift ideas are crucial because undoubtedly, friends are family we pick. That makes it all the more essential to take care of them.

Often, friends will put your well being before theirs without you even asking them to. Also, the best part is that they aren’t necessarily strangers.

You can also be best friends with an uncle or your grandma. Age has nothing to do with friendship. All it needs is for two souls to connect on a deeper level.

So, make this Friendship Day special for your childhood buddies, close colleagues at the office, siblings, parents, and everyone else you consider a good friend. Make use of all our amazing Friendship Day gift ideas and have a blast!

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