11 Offbeat Father’s Day Gifts to Make this Day Special for Your Dad!

Father's day gift ideas for dad

Even the brightest of us can sometimes not have the best Father’s Day gift ideas. Mulling over what to get the best dad in the world can take a lot out of you. And with good reason. Your dad deserves to get the best ever gift from you. After all, you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him, would you?

Dads are the unsung heroes in our life. The ones that teach us life lessons and how to get back up when knocked down (literally and otherwise). They lay the very foundations of our character, which someday define who we become.

But what do you buy this amazing man who already seems to have everything he ever wanted? What Father’s Day gifts could he still be missing?

Well, that’s why we’re here. Allow us to do the thinking for you as you sit back and check out some of the best gift ideas for Father’s Day 2021.

We have the best gift ideas for Father’s Day for all the men in your life. You can get thoughtful gifts for your dad, your step-dad, grand-dad and father-in-law. You can even get a Father’s day gift for your brother or friend who just became a new dad!

But before you spend on a gift for your dad, ask yourself these crucial questions:

  • Does the gift hold sentimental value?
  • Is it something he can use?
  • Does it suit your dad’s liking and interests?

Once that’s done, take a look at our comprehensive list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas.

There are loads of options – from unique gag gifts and budget-friendly buys to personalized items and offbeat gift ideas for men. Check out the best Father’s Day gift ideas below.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Dads can be among the most difficult loved ones to shop for. Fortunately, there are scores of awesome things you can get your dad and make this Father’s Day incredibly special. Here are a few ideas for Father’s day gifts from daughters and sons alike.

Father’s Day Gift From Daughter:

Father’s and daughters have a deep and unbreakable bond. Daughters are the undisputed princesses of their daddy’s kingdom and no one can ever replace them. Daddys are the very first heroes of little girls, the man they look up to and trust more than anyone else. 

This Father’s Day, get your dad something so special that will deepen the bond you share with him. Check out these awesome ideas for Father’s Day gifts from daughters to make your dad smile ear to ear.

  • Coffee Mugs – If there’s any other drink most dads love other than beer, it’s coffee or tea. You’ll remember him downing mug after mug while working his behind off trying to make a living. This Father’s Day, why don’t you get him a coffee mug personalized with a picture of him and you together? Get him a temperature control mug that will keep his coffee hot.
  • Food Coupons – It’s a no-brainer that dads love to eat. All-you-can-eat food coupons from your dad’s favorite food joints are a great Father’s Day gift idea.
  • A Family Portrait – In a world where everything seems to be online, this idea is like a breath of fresh air. You can get your dad a family portrait he can proudly put up in your hall or any other place he wishes. Or, you can simply get a custom dad-and-daughter portrait made for him.
  • Stylish Sunglasses – Get a pair actually – One for you and one for him! When you’re out together, it will be stylish on a whole on level. Pick a branded one that will effectively shade the eyes from the harsh sun.
  • Personalized Golf Ball Set – Your dad loves golf. All dads do. That makes this one of the most interesting Father’s Day gift ideas ever. You can get your old man a custom-made golf ball set. Have your pictures on the balls and it’ll remind him of you every time he tees off.
  • Valet Tray – You can pick from wood or marble ones. It will be a convenient place for your dad to keep his wallet, keys, cards, and other essentials.
  • Fillet Knife – If you go fishing with your dad as most girls do, this is a great Father’s Day gift to get him. You can watch him turn his next catch into a delicious dish just for you. If you buy a fillet knife with a wooden handle, you can have it engraved with a special message.

Father’s Day Gift from Son:

A father is the ultimate role model for his sons. He teaches you how to be a man, a gentleman, and a protector of your loved ones. You will look up to him for inspiration and build your character around his own. No one can ever teach you the things only your father can. You are not just father and soon, you are best buddies for life.

Here are some amazing ideas for Father’s Day gifts from sons that dads will love!

  • Beer glasses – Ale, lager, beer, or whatever your dad’s choice of drink, he will enjoy them in a stylish beer mug. You can get a design with an ergonomic handle that’s easy for him to hold.
  • Beer Club Subscription – Well, if you’re going to get him a beer mug, you might as well go the extra mile and get him a beer subscription as well. Sign him up for a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly supply of mouth-watering craft beer supply. Who knows, he might just share it with you!
  • Stylish Wallet – Most dads don’t change wallets until the one they are using is torn to no end. Wallets come in all sizes, colors, shapes and materials. Pick one your dad would find comfortable to use. This is among the most useful Father’s Day gifts from sons or daughters alike.
  • Wireless Charger – If your dad has an insane collection of electronic gadgets, you’re not alone. Most dads take pride in the fact that they have the latest mobile, tablets, laptops, and other smart devices. Get him a portable wireless charger for all his toys and watch his face light up!
  • Knife Set – Dads are underrated cooks. With this Father’s Day gift, acknowledge his exceptional cooking skills and let him know how much he means to you. You can throw in a cookbook and meat tenderizer for added effect.
  • AirPods – Especially among the best Father’s Day gift ideas in lockdown, AirPods will help your dad take calls comfortably. Get high-end rechargeable ones that will last longer.
  • Engraved Hammer – If you are the son and father pair that build stuff together, this is a great Father’s Day gift. Gift your hero a hammer with a special message engraved on it.
  • Waterproof Speaker – Your dad loves his music, doesn’t he? Well then, this is one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas this year. He can use it out on the yard during family BBQ sessions or while enjoying a walk under light showers in the rainy season.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Father-In-Law/Uncles

To have a father-in-law is to have another dad. And if you value your dad-in-law, don’t neglect to get him something special this Father’s Day. You can also give these awesome gifts to your favorite uncles this year. Here are some of the top ideas for gifts this Father’s Day for uncles and fathers-in-law.

  • Grill Pan – Pick one of the stylish grill pans that don’t allow the meat to stick in them. Your dad-in-law can use it to make sandwiches at home or during his backyard barbecue sessions.
  • Grooming Kit – Men take pride in their looks as much as women do. Although, most of them might not admit to it. A grooming kit is a great Father’s day gift for dad from daughter or son.
  • Waterproof Phone Cover – Does your father-in-law love fishing? Well, then get him a waterproof phone cover that will protect his mobile while he’s out on the water trying to catch fish.
  • Whiskey Decanter and Glasses – There are elegant whiskey decanters and glasses sets to choose from. This will add style to your dad-in-law’s drink table. It’s one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas you can consider trying out.
  • Beer Caddy – If you feel like giving your dad-in-law a beer glass might not be suitable, you can opt for this one. A beer caddy will help him enjoy a bunch of drinks with his guy gang. It comes with a bottle opener on the side.

Best Father’s Day Gifts Ideas for Grandpa

Grandfathers are special beyond words. They are the ones we run to and hide from the admonitions of parents. They are the ones who teach us about our roots and family values. They are the pillars of strength that our house is built upon. Check out our list below of some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for your grandpa.

  • Smartwatch – Being in good health is crucial at this age. Get your grandpa a smartwatch that can monitor his heart rate, BP, and other vitals with ease. Look for waterproof ones with an ergonomic design that will be easy for him to wear. 
  • Snack box – Grandpas love to munch on stuff between meals. And why shouldn’t they! Buy him an enormous snack box with non-perishable foods that he can enjoy. He can keep it by his side while watching his favorite game, going fishing, or simply reading a book.
  • Scotch-Infused Toothpicks – These will help him keep his teeth clean while leaving a delicious aftertaste of scotch in his mouth. It’s among the most offbeat Father’s Day gift ideas from daughters or sons!
  • Prayer Plant – It is among the most thoughtful and best Father’s Day gift ideas for your grandpa. Prayer plants are low-maintenance and can survive in less light with ease. Also, they aren’t toxic to pets.
  • Weighted Blanket – A weighted blanket is so comfortable it feels like a hug. Your granddad will sleep like a baby using one of these.
  • Gardener’s Tool Set – If your grandpa loves spending time tending to his garden, this is the best gift for him. Along with the gardening tools, get him a rocker that will put less strain on his back, legs and knees.

Best Father’s Day Gifts Ideas for Your Brother/Friend

Your brother is one of the first best friends you’ll make in life. You both share a bond that ties you together like nothing else in the world. The same goes for your male best friend. 

If any (or both) of them have become dads for the first time, this Father’s Day is extra special for them. This would be their first Father’s Day and you should make it memorable with an incredible gift. We have some Father’s Day gift ideas that might help you out for just the occasion!

  • A Dad Hoodie – This is great for new dads that hate carrying around a diaper bag. They can just wear this one. It has a zip-up design and large mesh pockets that can fit bottles, sanitiser, wipes and more.
  • Muscle Massager – With the baby here, most new dads wouldn’t have time to work out and relax their muscles. Get him this massager that will relieve tense muscles, knots, joints and more.
  • Slacks – Soft cotton pants are one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for new dads. They are comfortable for new dads to lounge in with a baby. Also, they are great to run quick errands in or out of the house.
  • Engraved Watch – Add a personal touch to your Father’s Day gift. Get your brother or friend a stylish watch with a personalized message. He will remember this for the rest of his life.
  • Story Book – There is a wide variety to pick from. Get him a storybook he will love to read to his bundle of joy. You can also get a book on dads or super dads, to make him feel extra special.

Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Sometimes, we are so caught up in our work that we forget to buy gifts for loved ones. This Father’s Day, we have some amazing last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas for those with less time on their hands to shop. Take a look below to know what these are!

  • Toiletry Bag – A great buy, this can come in handy even for vacations. Your dad, granddad, father-in-law or brother can pack pretty much anything into this from toiletries to grooming essentials.
  • Card Games – You must never let that child inside your dad disappear. There are interesting card games that will not only help him pass his time but will also keep his brain sharp.
  • T-Shirt – How about a Tee that says “The World’s Best Dad” on it? It cannot get more personal than that. This is among the topmost and best Father’s Day gift ideas ever.
  • Foam Slippers – Make sure your dad’s feet are comfortable and blister-free while he takes his morning or evening walks. Get him uber-comfy foam slippers this Father’s Day.
  • Sandwich Maker – Help your dad whip up any kind of sandwich he likes for breakfast. This is among the most useful Father’s Day gifts for dads who are foodies!

Unique DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If toddlers or kids at home would like to make something special for their dad, there are several easy ideas to try. So, get down and busy with your babies, helping them make something that will pull at your husband’s heart. Here are some Father’s Day gift handmade ideas to try this year.


No, you don’t have to stitch one. Get an apron from the store and have your kids hand paint them. They can let their creative sides take over and write messages or draw over the apron.

Chocolate Box

One of the best Father’s Day gift ideas is to let your kids make their dad a chocolate box. You can help them make the box from scratch or buy a readymade one and work that one over. They can paint over it and fill it with his favorite chocolates.

Artwork on Beer Mug

Have your children paint or draw pictures of their dad. You can even convince the patient ones to make a family portrait. Then, stick that over a store-bought beer mug.

Memories Jar

This is an offbeat but amazing idea sure to get your man teary-eyed. Take a fancy jar and get your children to design over it. You can stick pictures, posters, or paint on it. Inside the jar, have them drop in hand-written papers of their favorite memories of dad.

Tie rack

For the older kids, this is among the best Father’s Day gift ideas. Supervise them as they make a tie rack out of a fancy piece of wood. After all, the ties that dad’s collected over the years need to be put somewhere.

Painted Coasters

Little ones will enjoy painting over personalized coasters. It will remind their dad how much they love him each time he uses it. This is among the most innovative of all best Father’s Day gift ideas for any type of dad.

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