Best Smart Watches for Girls in India 2021!

best smart watches for girls India

A smart watch for girls is more than just another fashion accessory. It doesn’t just show the time. It is a style statement. It tells the onlooker a lot about the wearer’s personality.

But when considering the best smart watch ladies can wear, do keep in mind the comfort factor as well. Top-quality smart watch girls should invest in should have an ergonomic design. This will ensure that you can wear it for a longer duration with ease.

Best Smart Watches for Women

Many smart watches are fitness bands that can track your vitals. You can easily keep a count of the number of steps you’ve taken to the calories you’ve burnt each day. It helps fitness enthusiasts go that extra mile in achieving the level of fitness they desire.

You can also give a smart watch to your mom or grandma, to help them keep a track of their BP and heart rate.

In this article, we have a list of some of the best smart watches for girls, kids and otherwise, to buy!

1. Apple smart watch for girls Series 6

Apple smart watch for girls Series 6
Img Source: Amazon

Best Choice for Women's Smart Watch

New Apple Watch Series 6

Price: Rs 40,900 upward

It comes with an ECG App that can help heart patients track their heart rhythm.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is among the best smart watch for girls today. It keeps a track of your health by monitoring heart rate, BP, sleep and blood oxygen level. It is stylish in design with a beautiful stainless steel case and an elegant Milanese watch loop. It has cellular connectivity that lets you receive messages and calls. You can also play songs while working out or taking a walk.

2. Amazfit GTS2

Best smart watch for girls in India, Amazon GTS2
Img Source: Amazon

Best Lightweight Girls Smart Watch

Amazfit GTS2 Mini Smart Watch

Price: Rs 6,999 (approx)

It weighs a mere 19.5 grams, so you can wear it during the day, night, or while indulging in sports.

Amazfit GTS2 can check blood oxygen levels as well as your heart rate. But what makes this truly among the best smart watches for girls is that it can monitor your monthly menstrual cycle. So, in case you have irregular periods, your watch will tell you. The watch also studies your sleep patterns and monitors stress levels.

3. GOQii Smart Vital Fitness SpO2

best smart watches for women India, GOQii
Img Source: Amazon

Best Tracker Smart Watch for Women

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness SpO2 Smart Watch

Price: Rs 5,999 (approx)

Track everything from heart rate and sleep patterns to the number of steps taken and calories burned.

Invest in the GOQii Smart Vital Fitness SpO2 and stay fit with ease. This smart watch for girls is water and dustproof, giving it a longer shelf life. It has a 1.3-inch color display and an easy-to-use touchscreen. You can customize watch faces from multiple options. Extra features of the smart watch include a stopwatch, music controls, alarms, camera, and find my phone feature.

4. Mi Smart Band 4 for girls

best smart watches for girls India, Mi Smart Band 4
Img Source: Amazon

Best In Battery Smart Watch for Women

Mi Smart Band 4

Price: Rs 2,000 (approx)

This Mi smart watch for girls has a long battery life and can last up to 20 days at a time.

The Mi Smart Band 4 comes with a 0.94-inch stunning AMOLED color display. It is ideal to use while swimming as it is waterproof. It also comes with a daily activity tracker and a heart rate monitor. So, you can make sure you’re in great health. It has smart volume and music controls. You can receive or reject calls, check messages, and get social media notifications on the smart watch.

Best Smart watches for girls in India Under 2000

Even if you’re running on a tight budget, you can still look through the best smart watches for women in India. There are many budget-friendly options around. You can pick a stunning smart watch without breaking your wallet.

Here are some of the top choices when it comes to smart watch for girls under 2000 bucks!

1. KEMIPRO Smart watch

Best smart watch for girls in India
Img Source: Flipkart

Best Value Smart Watch for Girls

KEMIPRO V8_V11 Notifier Fitness Smartwatch

Price: Rs 1,049 (approx)

It has a SIM card slot and a separate SD card slot. It offers smart functions like text and call notifications, music control, activity trackers, etc.

Buy the amazing Kempiro wristwatch for girls and enjoy a wide range of features. The smart watch for girls has a clear LED display that does not cause strain on the eyes. You can check messages on various social media apps in different languages. It comes in a free size with a stylish black strap. While it is a great smart watch for women, it can also be worn by men.

2. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Smart Watch

fast track smart watch for girls India
Img Source: Amazon

Best Budget Smart Watch for Girls

Fastrack reflex 2.0 Uni-sex activity tracker

Price: Rs 1,195 (approx)

You can enjoy multiple features at a low rate. The watch also has a GPS tracker to find your phone in case you misplace it.

The unique thing about Fastrack Reflex 2.0 is that it can be worn by men as well. This unisex smart watch can count your calories, steps, and also track sleep. It has a remote camera function that can help you take pictures on your phone. The smart watch is water-resistant and comes with a battery life of up to 10 days at a time.

3. Noise ColorFit 2

Women's Smart Watch India - Noise ColorFit
Img Source: Amazon

Women's Smart Watch with Best Features

Noise ColorFit 2-Smart Fitness Band

Price: Rs 1,699 (approx)

It is waterproof and can be used while swimming. It also shows smartphone calls and text notifications throughout the day.

The stylish Noise ColorFit 2 is one of the best smart watches for girls in India. Its strong body and ergonomic design make it sit comfortably on your wrist. It has a sedentary alert that lets you know if you’ve stayed idle for too long and need exercise. It also tracks your sleep cycles and heart rate. There is a built-in multiple sports mode that helps you meet fitness goals with ease.

4. Infinizy D116 Smartwatch

best smart watch for girls kids - Infinizy D116
Img Source: Amazon

Best Smart Watch for Kids

Infinizy D116 Stylish Bluetooth Smart Bracelet

Price: Rs 1,299 (approx)

Ergonomic smart watch for girls kids to use. Comes with a sleep monitor 7 USB charging point.

If you have kids at home, get the Infinzy D116 Smartwatch for them. It’s one of the best smart watch for girls kids and a popular gift item. The strap is a stunning blue color that pleases the eye. The smart watch is waterproof and can be worn in the rain. It comes with Bluetooth headphones that make it easy for the kids to listen to a variety of music. They can also track and share their everyday activity to achieve fitness goals with ease.

You can buy any of the these  best smart watches for girls based on our recommendations made above. Get the one that suits your style and comfort. You can also gift these best smart watches to the amazing women in your life.

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