Beautiful places in India to visit in August

20 Most Beautiful Places in India to Visit in August & Enjoy Monsoons!

Monsoon traveling is a whole new level of excitement for travel junkies. We can suggest some of the most beautiful places in India to visit in August for you to enjoy pleasant rains.

Whether you prefer a heavy downpour or like to explore new places under light showers, we have all types of places to suit your travel needs.

India is replete with amazing places that come alive in the monsoon season. With pleasant showers beginning in August, it is a great time to start planning that monsoon trip. 

There are amazing benefits of traveling to the best places in India during the rains.

Besides the charming weather and endless greenery, you will also enjoy cheaper travel deals, promotions, discounts, more privacy, and greater travel experiences.

So, what places are best to travel to in India in August?

Best Places in India to Visit in August

Go through this comprehensive list of the awesomest places to explore in August in India. You can visit some of these incredible places with loved ones or take off solo. 

Make sure you carry your camera along to take stunning monsoon travel pictures!

1. Munnar, Kerala

best places in India to visit in August - Munnar

Munnar offers sprawling tea and spice plantations awash with dew drops in the monsoon.

You can rent a place right in the midst of a plantation! It is truly a paradise for nature lovers in August.

The massive mountains are blanketed in a dreamy mist while the splendid rain makes everything a whole lot greener. It’s a great place for family vacations.

2. Goa

Goa - beautiful places in India to visit in August

Goa is a popular travel destination in India all through the year.

But the August rains bring a new freshness to the place.

Folks who are not much into water sports or the beach can visit Goa during this time.

There are beautiful trails to explore and churches to visit among other offbeat tourist attractions in monsoon.

3. Lonavala, Maharashtra

best places to travel in India in August

One of the best places in India to travel in August, Lonavala is near to both the major cities of Pune and Mumbai.

It’s home to famous attractions like the Tiger’s Leap, Imagica, and Rajmachi Fort among others.

There are tourist spots for all types of people to enjoy.

Also, the scenic beauty of the place during monsoons makes it one of the best places for photography in India.

4. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

best places in India to travel in August - Kodaikanal

A popular hill station in South India, Kodaikanal is great for travelers who prefer moderate rains.

You will find the sun and clouds both in comfortable amounts here in August.

If you visit some other time of the year, it may be too hot for you to enjoy exploring the place.

Visit in August and take in the breathtaking mist-clad mountains, rain-washed valleys, and gorgeous waterfalls!

5. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Mussoorie, best places in India to travel in August

Found at the foothills of the gorgeous Garhwal ranges, Mussoorie is akin to paradise on earth.

It’s brimming with lush vegetation, peaceful ambiance, and a breathtaking view of the famed Himalayan mountains.

To make the holiday more memorable, take a road trip to Mussoorie from Dehradun.

You can stop at innumerable interesting spots along the way and fill your travel memory bank.

6. Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Mount Abu, best tourist places in India to visit in August

Among the most beautiful places in India to visit in August, Mount Abu is the only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan.

It offers an oasis-like respite from Rajasthan’s ever hot climate and is renowned for its stunning landscape.

Also, history enthusiasts will go crazy over the architectural marvel of the famous Dilwara Jain Temple.

7. Agumbe, Shimoga

Agumbe, Beautiful place to visit in India in August

For adventure trekkers, Agumbe is among the most scenic and exciting trails to explore in South India.

The region comes alive with greenery and fresh air in August, filling the valleys and mountains with gorgeous waterfalls.

The high point of the hills have a gallery from where you can take in breathtaking views as far as the Arabian Sea.

You can also explore the ruins of ancient temples, dating all the way back to the Hoysala Empire.

8. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg, beautiful place in India to visit in August

Also famously referred to as the Scotland of India, Coorg is a fantastic hill station in Karnataka.

Although it’s great to visit this place any time of the year, August rains add to the beauty of the place.

You can have a family picnic right at the foot of mind-blowing waterfalls, at their fullest best this time of the year. It’s also a great place for honeymooning couples.

9. Puducherry

Puducherry, Beautiful places in India to travel in August

Among India’s most scenic Union territories, Puducherry is an underrated travel destination in India.

It is among the most beautiful places to travel in India in August as the pleasant weather adds to its jaw-dropping beauty.

Top attractions include the Pondicherry Museum, French War Memorial, and Jawahar Toy Museum, to name a few.

10. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of the best places in India to visit in August

Although lesser known, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands happen to be among the most beautiful tourist places to visit in India in August.

There are numerous awesome spots to explore from the Beladaru Beach and Dolphin Resort to Phoenix Bay Jetty and Cellular Jail.

You can choose to stay in any of the beach hotels to enjoy the weather uninterrupted.

11. Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir

Pahalgam, Tourist place in India to visit in August

Famous the world over for its unimaginable beauty, Pahalgam is a stunning hill station located in the scenic northern state of Jammu and Kashmir.

It lies at the confluence of flowing streams from the Lidder river andSheshnag lake.

It is among the most prime health and holiday resorts in the region, receiving steadily around thousands of tourists each year.

12. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

Cherrapunji, Beautiful places in India to visit in August

Arguably the second wettest place in the world, Cherrapunji is a paradise of rain lovers.

The place has rains all through the year and is home to gorgeous trekking trails, massive mountains, and other natural attractions.

But if you love especially ferocious rains, August is the time to get down there.

The torrential downpour makes it one of the most beautiful places in India to visit in August.

13. Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

Mandu, Tourist places in India to travel in August

History-cum-rain aficionados will absolutely fall in love with this place!

Located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Mandu is home to magnificent architectural ruins that are engulfed in a scenic rustic tint during the rains.

And if you love romance, you simply have to visit this place!

You will be thrilled to know about the famous love story of the last Sultan of Malwa and Rajput Rani Roopmati.

14. Athirapally Falls, Thrissur

Athirapally Falls, beautiful place to visit in August in India

This is undoubtedly among the most beautiful places in India to visit in August, especially for waterfall lovers.

The largest waterfall in the state, Athirapally Falls offer a breathtaking sight to behold.

However, there are additional tourist spots in the region such as Thumboormuzhy Dam, Kauthukapark, and the lush Riverview Garden.

15. Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Kinnaur, Tourist places to visit in August in India

Strategically placed on the scenic Indo-Tibet border, Kinnaur is among the most beautiful and best places in India to visit in August.

It’s home to beautiful cottages and rolling green hills among other stunning attractions.

You can enjoy extremely beautiful views of the snow-clad Dhauladhar range and Zanskar Valley.

You can also take off on a road trip to Shimla which is approximately 235 km from here.

16. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling, Most beautiful place to visit in India in August

With an old-world charm, mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets, and untouched natural beauty, Darjeeling well deserves its tag of Kauthukapark, Thumboormuzhy Dam & Riverview Garden, The Queen of Hills.

Sprawled over a steep, stunning mountain, Darjeeling is the pride of Eastern India. The already beautiful region becomes a lot more irresistible to visit during monsoons.

17. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar, Best place in India to visit in August

Among the best places in India to travel in August, Mahabaleshwar is a popular romantic tourist spot among couples.

Scores of honeymooners land up to enjoy quality time in the region offering stunning beauty and peaceful surroundings.

However, as most other tourists avoid the region during rains, couples are able to enjoy a lot more freely at very inexpensive packages.

18. Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Kanyakumari, Beautiful place to visit in India in August

This is a crucial part of almost every trip planned to the beautiful Southern India.

A gorgeous peninsula, Kanyakumari offers an amazing sea-side, cool weather almost always. It

becomes even more pleasant during August and is the first region to receive the very first monsoon showers. It’s a great place to visit with family and friends alike.

19. Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Chikmagalur, Beautiful tourist place in India to visit in August

Located at the foothills of the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Mullayanagiri Range, Chilmagalur is famously called the Coffee Land of Karnataka.

Coffee lovers must visit the stunning coffee plantations of the region in August to enjoy them in full bloom.

Animal lovers can also visit the famous Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary to watch stunning wildlife beauty.

20. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett National Park, Best place to visit in India in August

If you love wildlife and taking pictures of it, this is among the most beautiful places in India to visit in August for you.

Go on the safari, explore the walking trails, stay at the jungle resorts, and enjoy a raw, closer feel of nature.

The place is rich in flora and fauna, and great to visit especially for families that have kids. They will love spotting stunning tigers, leopards, elephants, and other wild animals.


With so many amazingly beautiful places in India to visit in August, you should start planning a trip pronto! Visit scenic places in the rain and gather some incredible travel memories that will last a lifetime. Happy travels!

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